Can you erase file from a usb flash drive after you put them in?

Answer Yes, no problem, absolutely! Let me tell you a little something about those things. They're cheap. If you can, what you wanna do is go to some fairs or computer shows or whatever because a lot of c... Read More »

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How do I copy a file from a flash drive onto a hard drive?

Connect the Flash DriveClick "Start." Click "Computer" or "My Computer." Insert your flash drive into the USB port on your computer or laptop. Double-click the new drive that appears on screen.Copy... Read More »

How to Make a Flash Drive Bootable From an ISO File?

A USB flash drive is useful for data storage, and you can also use it as a boot disk. If you have an ISO image file that you wish to boot from and writing to a CD is not convenient, you can extract... Read More »

How do I erase my USB Flash Drive?

Plug the flash drive into the computer. Double click My Computer on the desktop. Find the flash drive and right click the icon. Choose format to erase the contents (or you can double click on it... Read More »

Can a magnet erase a flash drive?

A magnet cannot erase a flash drive. Unlike many other forms of computer media, such as floppy disks and hard drives, flash drives are not magnetic. In flash memory, electrical charges rather than ... Read More »