Can you erase digital tapes with a magnetic tape eraser?

Answer Yes and no. All degaussers, or magnetic tape erasers, work by emitting an electromagnetic field that is extremely effective for erasing digital media; however degaussers vary in magnetic field stre... Read More »

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How do i clean a dry erase board eraser?

Use a Water HoseSpray the dry erase board eraser with a hose, and the build-up from cleaning the board will come right off. Scrub the dry erase board eraser with paper towels once or twice a week.... Read More »

How can you erase VHS tapes completely?

taping over them removes most of the mangetic imprint that was there before hand.if you want it clean and shadow free use metal tapes and drag a very strong magnet over them,like rubash magnets fro... Read More »

Are dry erase boards magnetic?

Dry erase boards, also known at whiteboards, come with a variety of features. One of those features is the choice of a magnetic surface or a non-magnetic surface. Retailers offer both versions for ... Read More »

How do I erase magnetic swipe cards?

Strong MagnetSwipe the card that has the magnetic strip you wish to erase along the magnet that holds your refrigerator door closed. Be sure the magnetic strip faces the magnet to ensure the card i... Read More »