Can you erase a hard drive with a magnet?

Answer You can erase a hard drive with a very powerful magnet. Degaussing a hard drive with an electrically charged magnetic coil will effectively erase a hard drive, according to the Washington Post. ... Read More »

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Does a magnet erase a hard drive?

A magnet can erase a hard drive, but most home users do not own magnets powerful enough to accomplish this. A hard drive can be completely wiped using an industrial machine called a "degausser," wh... Read More »

Can a magnet erase a flash drive?

A magnet cannot erase a flash drive. Unlike many other forms of computer media, such as floppy disks and hard drives, flash drives are not magnetic. In flash memory, electrical charges rather than ... Read More »

How to erase a hard drive ?

Use the program DBAN to fully erase it. But using the Windows XP CD you can format it and reinstall windows faster.

How to REALLY erase a hard drive?

What do you mean “delete” doesn’t delete? File information is maintained in a directory so your operating system can find it. All that “delete” does is erase the file’s reference inform... Read More »