Can you enable 3g on a 2g iphone if you have the 3g sim card?

Answer yes but not in the normal sense you must buy a Verizon iPhone and have it flashed with cricket software capable on the iPhone im sure a OS will arise soon after the release of Verizon iPhone is rel... Read More »

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How to Enable an iPhone 4 on a Different SIM Card?

With the growing popularity of the iPhone 4, you may want to use the phone on another network than AT&T and Verizon Wireless. However, if you want to use the iPhone 4 on another network, you have t... Read More »

Does an iPhone have a sim card or battery card?

the iphone has a sim card which slots in the top of the iphone. to get the sim card tray out you have to use a pin or the special tool it came with to open it.

If you have an iPhone and have a prepaid sim card can you use it in the iPhone?

Yeah!! as matter of fact,i am doing it right now! only bad thing about it is that the prepaid sim card has short amount of data usage..

How to fix my iphone.. I got an iphone from a friend with an optus sim card and I put a boost sim card in it then restored it via itunes to fix the camera now it says it needs the carrier sim?

Any time you restore an iPhone you will lose your jailbreak and your unlock and you will have to start from scratch and do it all over again. You also cannot use a Boost SIM card in an iPhone as Bo... Read More »