Can you edit Acrobat files in Indesign?

Answer Although Adobe Indesign is completely integrated with other Adobe software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and Flash, you cannot edit an Acrobat file with Indesign. Indesign will still allo... Read More »

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Can you edit an image in Adobe Acrobat?

You can edit images in Adobe Acrobat. Resizing an image is as simple as selecting the image and dragging its edges outward or inward. Editing the image itself requires using the "TouchUp Object" to... Read More »

How I can edit a Acrobat reader file?

there are free ways to do this. go to and you'll find an app that can do this.10 pts please

How to Edit Text in Adobe Acrobat?

Have you come across a wrongly-spelled or formatted piece of text on an Adobe Acrobat PDF file? Did you realize that you can edit this text? The TouchUp Text Tool in Adobe Acrobat will help you fix... Read More »

How do I edit text boxes in Adobe Acrobat 6?

Use the Menu BarSelect "Tools" from the Menu bar. The Tools menu opens a dropdown box.Navigate to the TouchUp Text ToolSelect "Advanced Editing." The right arrow opens an adjacent drop-down box wit... Read More »