Can you eat your own excrement?

Answer you can, but don't do it.

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Can dog excrement set off a smoke alarm?

It hasn't happened to me. And I have a sensitive smoke detector and lots of dogs and frequent dog poo. But I never had a steaming pile situated right under the detector, though. Maybe that is th... Read More »

Can I live off my own excrement for the rest of my life?

How to Remove Excrement Stains From a Carpet?

If you have pets or children, at some point you will likely have excrement on your carpet. Excrement--also known as feces--is easiest to remove while the stain is fresh. Cleaning excrement stains f... Read More »

What if your mother quit claimed her house to her self your brother and his wife under threats that your brother would leave your mom and not help her anymorebut your brother died and your sister in l?

If your great grandmother was his great aunt you and he are second cousins, once removed.