Can you eat using Chopsticks?

Answer I tried and tried and just can't!!!And when I do try the food is ever whereA Folk or spoon is just more my speed!!!

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Are there any benefits of using chopsticks?

you practice hand-eye coordination, especially if you're not used to using them. I know lots of non-Asian surgeons and musicians who eat with chopsticks and try to preform ordinary tasks like butto... Read More »

Before the Chinese started using spoons, how did they eat the last few grains of rice with chopsticks?

they ever didlegend has it they got so mad they squinted at the rice until it jumped into their mouthsand thats y we have so many car accidentsloljk about the driving thing

Who can use chopsticks?

I am fantastic at it, and when my kids were little, 3 and 4 I started them, now at 14 they are as natural with them as forks and knives and will use them often. They are so good for getting pickle... Read More »

Can you use chopsticks?

I didn't learn until I spent 2 weeks in China about 6 years ago. I had no choice but to learn.Try this:Make a peace signNow take one chopstick and place it in the fatty part between your thumb and... Read More »