Can you eat the stems of the dill plant?

Answer The short answer here is yes. They are very fibrous and tough and more often used as a flavouring or chopped very fine to make it easier to digest. Stems of dill are used in the making of certain s... Read More »

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Lucky bean plant has mealy bugs and unidentified eggs / parasite on stems which look like part of plant?

How many seeds should I plant for each dill plant?

The number of seeds needed varies, as dill seed germination depends on several factors. Plant dill seeds by broadcasting over a garden bed then lightly rake the seeds into the soil. Alternatively, ... Read More »

How do I plant rose stems?

Take the CuttingTake cuttings from blooming roses in the fall, Cut 4 to 6 inches off the end of one of the branches, and use it as your rose cutting. Dip the bottom 2 inches of the rose cutting in ... Read More »

How to Graft Plant Stems?

Grafting is a common method of plant reproduction. It very simply means joining a scion, or the top of one plant, to a rootstock, or bottom of another plant. It is effective on many types of plants... Read More »