Can you eat sulphur?

Answer Yes. Its in some foods. But not recommended you eat it directly. Eggs.Grains, nuts, and Seeds. There are lots of other Sulfur rich foods

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Is sulforaphane the same as sulphur?

Sulforaphane and sulphur are not the same thing. Sulphur is a basic element, with the symbol "S" in the periodic table of elements. Sulforaphane is a phytochemical comprised of carbon, hydrogen, ni... Read More »

How Is Sulphur Removed From Oil & Gas?

Crude oil and gas have many components that have to be removed before they are usable in the marketplace. One of the most toxic elements in the crude products is sulfur. Sulfur forms compounds in g... Read More »

How many atoms are there in a sulphur molecule?

Although sulfur forms many different chemical compounds with other elements, molecular sulfur in the solid state usually exists as S8. This means that one molecule of pure sulfur is made of eight s... Read More »

How to Describe the Production of Sulphur?

Sulphur (most of the time spelled "sulfur" in America) is a chemical element used in a number of commercial products. According to The Sulphur Institute, "Sulphur occurs naturally in the environmen... Read More »