Can you eat smoked salmon in pregnancy?

Answer On One Hand: Can Cause MiscarriageSmoked salmon has been known to be contaminated with the Listeria bacteria. While this is not very harmful to most healthy adults, it can cause miscarriage, stillb... Read More »

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Is it safe to eat smoked salmon during pregnancy?

On One Hand: Listeria BacteriaRefrigerated, smoked seafood, often labeled as lox, kippered, nova style or jerky, should be avoided during pregnancy because of the risk that it could be contaminated... Read More »

Is smoked salmon safe during pregnancy?

On One Hand: Salmon Can be Contaminated With ListeriaSmoked salmon can be contaminated with Listeria. This is a bacteria that can cross the placenta and cause miscarriage, stillbirth or premature b... Read More »

How dangerous is it to eat smoked salmon and oysters in pregnancy?

On One Hand: Smoked Salmon and Oysters are UnsafeRaw oysters contain a bacteria called Vibrio vulnificus, which can make pregnant women sick, according to dietitian Melinda Johnson. Smoked salmon s... Read More »

How to Buy Smoked Salmon?

Smoked salmon refers to salmon that has been cured and then smoked. People have been smoking food as a preservation technique for hundreds of years, but it wasn't until the beginning of the 19th ce... Read More »