Can you eat musk thistle?

Answer On One Hand: Musk Thistle is EdibleThe musk thistle is considered an edible weed, however, only the stalks may be eaten and they must be harvested in the spring while they are soft and fleshy. The ... Read More »

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When will musk thistle stop bolting?

Musk thistle, as a biennial, begins its blooming season by "bolting," or shooting up the stalk where the flowers will bloom. Bolting stops just before the plant produces flowers. Depending on the c... Read More »

Does vinegar kill musk thistle?

A study done by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Maryland found that 5 and 10 percent vinegar solutions successfully burned the tops of the musk thistle. The thistle simply grew again from its... Read More »

Can musk thistle be controlled with mowing?

Musk thistle is a biennial weed that reproduces only from seed. The key to managing this weed pest of open areas and pastures is to prevent the production of seed. Mowing when the terminal head i... Read More »

When does musk thistle spread its seeds?

Musk thistle begins to spread its seed about two weeks after it first blooms. The biennial shoots begin to bolt in the early spring of its second year, from March to May. About 45 to 55 days later ... Read More »