Can you eat molasses cookies while your pregnant (read everything below also)?

Answer Yes you can, but like all things don't eat excessively.Chetak

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How to Make Molasses Spice Cookies?

Nothing is better on a cold day than a warm molasses spice cookie; try making these to taste it for yourself!

How to Make Chewy Molasses Crinkle Cookies?

These cookies have all the flavors of gingerbread, yet are softer and chewier than the cutout forms, and have a nice, old fashioned appeal! Note: this recipe is from Martha Stewart's Cookies

What's the difference between molasses and bead molasses?

Bead Molasses Bead molasses is similar to light molasses in color, texture and sweetness. However it is the least commonly used of all the varieties of molasses and it is mainly used in Asian di... Read More »

For anyone who will be pregnant at Christmas!.... Must read this cute idea!! (or if you're pregnant now!)?

That is too cute!Thank you, my Christmas shopping is done! I just found out last week that I am pregnant. At least Christmas will be at little less stressed, even if the rest of my life isn't! lolT... Read More »