Can you eat human legally?

Answer I don't know the legalities and I don't care because I decide what my diet will be not the law.If you are in the UK and your friend dies before I do then you are welcome to contact me and I will co... Read More »

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Can you legally purchase a human skull within the contiguous United States?

As of 2010, you can legally purchase a human skull in the U.S., except for the those who have Native American ancestry, according to CNN. Most skulls sold after 1987 come from China, because India ... Read More »

My friend is in an abusive house hold how can you get her out legally without having to go through all kinds of legal stuff My mom has DHS classes and all but she needs out now and legally is long?

Take her toa battered woman's shelter. They will keep her safe and secure and help her though the legal processes involved. They will even escort her to court dates, etc.You local church, social se... Read More »

If you divorce the spouse is his child still legally YOUR step child although YOU never legally adopted the child?

No, if the spuse you divorced adopted the children or they are his/her own, he/she gets possession of them by law, unless he/she is unable to care for them.

TH Family: Are you over reacting to the Human connect to Human song?

I agree with you 10000000000%!''personally I'm insulted if people in the TH family have problems with lesbians, gays or bisexuals''I feel the same way. no matter what, you do NOT discriminate again... Read More »