Can you eat elderberries and what are they is it a type of berry?

Answer Elderberries are a fruit from the elderberry tree, but they are different to berries such as blackberries. You cannot eat them raw as they are toxic. Cooking is said to destroy the toxins.

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Facts About Elderberries?

Elder trees (Sambucus genus) are small trees or large shrubs in the honeysuckle family. The black elder (Sambucus nigra) is indigenous to Europe and western Asia, while its subspecies, the American... Read More »

How do you transplant elderberries?

Answer Elderberries sucker freely, so they are very easy to transplant. In the spring, after the ground has thawed, cut the plants down to either about one third their height if they're over three ... Read More »

How to Grow Elderberries?

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is a sign of summer in Europe and Britain; when the flowers blossom, summer is said to have arrived, and when the berries are ripe, summer is drawing to a close. Elderbe... Read More »

Why do they call strawberry a berry if its not a berry?

For a while, it was mistaken for a berry, as it looks like any other "berry". The seeds on the outside are not really seeds, but they are the strawberries ovaries. Yet, even with this knowledge, pe... Read More »