Can you eat eggplant seeds?

Answer Though usually removed during cooking preparation, eggplant seeds are edible and safe to eat. It is actually the leaves of the eggplant that are dangerous to humans as they contain both toxic and n... Read More »

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How to Eat Eggplant Seeds?

Eggplants are an extremely healthy vegetable for any diet. Unlike many foods, where the seeds are unpalatable and often removed before eating, eggplant seeds are healthy and are beneficial to heal... Read More »

Can you eat the seeds in an eggplant?

On One Hand: The Safety FactorAccording to the Texas Department of Health and the National Safety Council, there are a variety of plants that have toxic parts that can cause reactions ranging from ... Read More »

Are eggplant seeds edible?

Eggplant seeds, like tomato seeds, are edible. The small soft seeds, however, do taste bitter. Eggplant and its seeds provide nutritional and health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol and regul... Read More »

How do I save eggplant seeds?

RipeningLet eggplants overripe on the vine. Harvest your mushy eggplants.Process the SeedsCut away the bottom one-third of the eggplant. Chop it up and place it in a food processor. Pulse the eggpl... Read More »