Can you eat crablegs while breastfeeding?

Answer ouiin other words yes

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How long do crablegs last in the refrigerator?

OKay.. to end this breastfeeding/ formula feeding debate... question for breastfeeding moms (KINDA LONG SORRY)?

I'm breastfeeding my son and I'm very proud of myself for doing it because it was hard at first. It was painful as heck and it's been hard getting the hang of it.That said- NOTHING AT ALL upsets m... Read More »

Can anyone explain why breastfeeding is ok, but extended breastfeeding isn't?

I'm still hoping that someone who actually believes all this will chime in, but reasons I've seen/heard over the years include:1. "It's ok when they're tiny, but once the 'know what they are doing'... Read More »

For & Against Breastfeeding?

I nursed my son it is natural and healthy for your baby although if you don't like it or can't do it there is no shame in formula...I nursed for 8 months I had enough that I had pumped to last him ... Read More »