Can you eat cheese fondue while pregnant?

Answer Cheese fondue can be made with white wine or with chicken broth. I'm sure fondue made with chicken broth is fine as long as the cheese is processed (which most is for fondue). There is debate about... Read More »

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How to Make Cheese Fondue (Fondue Neufchâteloise) recipe?

Love cheese? Why not dip your whole meal in it? Here's how to make a great cheese fondue.

Can you use cheese in all fondue fountains?

You cannot use cheese in all fondue fountains. You should only use cheese in a fondue fountain that has a heat setting specifically for cheese, as this dairy product melts at a higher temperature t... Read More »

Can you put cheese in a Rival fondue fountain?

On One Hand: Warm Cheese FondueRival customer service does not recommend putting warm cheese fondue in its Chocolate Fondue Fountain, because it is not able to keep the cheese consistently warm eno... Read More »

How Do I Counteract Too Much White Wine in a Cheese Fondue?

Aptly named after fondre, the French word for melt, fondue is an mixture of melted cheese and wine. Though the name has been applied to a variety of boiling liquid mixtures, fondue was created arou... Read More »