Can you eat cactus flowers?

Answer yup

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Why do cactus have flowers?

All plants have flowers. The flower is the plant's sex organ, which is used to release and receive pollen. The pollen is used by the plant to produce seeds, which produce new plants.

What happens to cactus flowers?

Cactus flowers tend not to be long blooming. Some cactus plants have night flowering blooms. Others have day flowering blossoms. Either way, the flowers need to be pollinated. Once pollinated, the ... Read More »

How to Care for a Cactus With Yellow Flowers?

Cacti with yellow flowers are one of the easiest plants to grow. Many people grow yellow flowering cacti inside their homes. Although the cacti require very little care, they do need to have some ... Read More »

ATTENTION!!!!!!!! Does a Christmas Cactus have flowers ever And When?

It is called a Christmas Cactus, because it flowers at Christmas time. The flowers are red and are at the tips of the sections of the cactus "branches" for lack of a better word.