Can you eat a plantain raw?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, You Can Eat Raw PlantainsPlantains are most often fried or baked, because doing so breaks down some of the starch that makes it rough on the digestive system to eat them raw. Eati... Read More »

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Can you eat plantain bananas raw?

On One Hand: Certain Plantains Can Be Eaten RawThere are different varieties of plantains, and the sweeter or softer the plantain is, the better it will taste raw, and the easier it will be on the ... Read More »

When is a plantain ripe?

Plaintains can be used in various stages of ripeness, though their flavor changes over time as starches turn to sugars. When a plantain is green, it is very starchy and fibrous. As the fruit blacke... Read More »

How to Peel a Plantain?

Plantains are known also as "cooking bananas". Coarser in texture and more savory in flavor than bananas, they're in need of cooking before you use them, usually for the first or main course meals.... Read More »

Where did the plantain originate?

Plantains are thought to have originated on the continent of Africa and were brought to India and parts of Southeast Asia through trade routes. It is widely thought that Caribbean plantains were br... Read More »