Can you dry out Acai Matenini mate tea leaves and re use them?

Answer mst prb u cn do it. u cn research mre on wikipedia..?

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What are the benefits of Acai berries or Acai juices?

* Fight cancer cells organs * Desintoxica and clean colon * Support for the immune system to fight disease * It regulates heart * Prevents and protects against atherosclerosis * It promotes an... Read More »

College room mate: Is it bad that i sleep in my underwear.Will i get made fun of and do girls care about them?

Where do Bay Leaves come from and can you eat them?

Bay leaves grow on a tree and can be used in cooking - they are safe to eat Answer Bay Leaves come from the sweet bay or laurel tree, known botanically as Laurus nobilis. They are often used as a f... Read More »

Should I take the dead leaves off my plants or leave them.?

Yes you can remove dead or dying leaves. It actually helps the plant save the energy that it was using trying to save them & redirecting it to help the plant that needs that energy!!!:)