Can you drive your Plymouth Breeze if it needs O2 sensors?

Answer It's perfectly safe to drive a Plymouth Breeze in need of new oxygen sensors. The short-term effect is that you will experience poor gas mileage and might notice some jolting when in idle. If you d... Read More »

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How to Modify a Plymouth Breeze?

The Plymouth Breeze was a car with potential that just never really lived up to that promise. Boring and underpowered from the factory, the Plymouth Breeze was far less popular than its sibling veh... Read More »

Where is the fuse box on a Plymouth Breeze?

There are two fuse boxes on a Plymouth Breeze. One is under the dashboard on the driver's side, by the emergency brake handle. The other is in the engine compartment, next to the air filter on the ... Read More »

Where Is the Oil Filter in a Plymouth Breeze?

As with any automobile, engine lubrication is essential to the proper operation of the Plymouth Breeze. The two, critical, regular maintenance procedures associated with engine lubrication are chan... Read More »

How to Install a Plymouth Breeze Starter?

Installing a starter motor on the Plymouth Breeze can be done from under the car in a few minutes time. The starter is responsible for turning the engine over during the engine's startup. The start... Read More »