Can you drive with a flat?

Answer You can drive on a flat tire. However, doing so will damage the tire, possibly beyond repair. When you get a flat, drive the shortest distance possible to get to a safe place to change your tire.So... Read More »

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How to Fix a Flat Car Tire With Fix a Flat?

Nothing is worse than having a flat tire, except having it happen in the snow or rain and at night. What miserable conditions to have to jack the car up and change the tire. Not only is it dangerou... Read More »

Is it a good idea to cycle or drive on a flat tyre?

In a car: It is an extremely bad idea to drive on a flat tire. You should only drive far enough to park safely on a level surface where you can safely jack the car up to change it. The consequen... Read More »

My Roxio CD RW Drive Won't Read CDs Made With Sonic DVD RW Drive?

Roxio is a CD burning software, capable of writing data to a blank CD-RW. If, however, you are attempting to use a DVD-RW disc you created on a different computer with Sonic (a different CD/DVD bur... Read More »

Issues with a new hard drive believing it's the Master Drive?

SATA does not need a jumper setting like the old ide drives, there's no such thing as master / slave in SATA.Each drive can be a Master and will appear so when an operating system is installed.If y... Read More »