Can you drive a car without driver?

Answer Yes. It may invalidate your insurance if you do not

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Is it legal for an insured secondary driver to drive a car owned by a deceased primary driver?

Answer Were they a named insured in the Household? By most companies, if you are rated in the household, you may drive any vehicle in HH. Answer Yes, coverage should still apply to the vehicle howe... Read More »

Is it illegal to drive a car owned by the main driver but mainly used by the second driver both covered with insurance?

Answer If they are covered under the same insurance policy no. Please be advised if the main driver is not listed as a driver on the said vehicle then there could potentially be no coverage in even... Read More »

Can a permit driver drive with an intoxicated licensed driver?

lets see here UMMMMMMMMMM.............................… AAAAAAAA NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many hours can a cdl driver drive in one day?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued a guide to hours of service for interstate truckers. It mandates an 11-hour driving time limit per day and a minimum time-off period of 10... Read More »