Can you drive a car with no license plate?

Answer The laws regarding displaying a license plate on a vehicle differ from state to state The majority of states require a vehicle to have a temporary or permanent plate, however, and impose fines on d... Read More »

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Can I do license plate checks with NetDetective?

NetDetective states that it only checks public records. Generally, license plates are not considered public records. The Driver's Privacy Protection Act allows license plate information to be relea... Read More »

Can you have a new jersey registration with a new york license plate?

License plates are an outward symbol of a vehicle's registration, so a car with New York license plates must be registered in New York. The only circumstances in which a car with New York plates mi... Read More »

Is it possible to locate a vehicle with a license plate tag number?

Locating a car with a license plate number is one of the most efficient ways of locating an automobile. There are a variety of vehicle locating websites online and all countries record license pla... Read More »

What state has yellow license plate with black letters?

Not sure any State does anymore. I don't think New York has them anymore, could be wrong.