If your doctor told you that one more drink would kiII you, what drink would you choose as your last?

Answer ooh GOOD pull straight from a handle of captain morgan till i died. maybe id finish the whole thing.

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What are your thoughts on allowing your children to drink alcohol in your home?

In my state its legal.My mom lets me have stuff at holidays.At dinner.Sometimes to unwind.Its not often. Maybe once a month...even less. I am 19 and she's done this since I was about 15 or 16.Am I ... Read More »

What is your favorite wine to drink to chill your sorrows?

Well I drink Blackberry Merlot, but not to drown my sorrows. You see, I'm a Dodger fan so there will be no need to be sorrowful. However, there will be plenty of celebration this year as Dodger Blu... Read More »

How do you drink your tea?

I drink most of my tea hot, except on the hottest d ays of summer, and I nearly always drink it completely straight, no sugar, no milk, no lemon.And I don't just drink black tea, I drink green tea,... Read More »

How to Mix Your Own Drink?

Mixing drinks can be fun. There are so many different types of drinks. Find out which drinks are fun to mix up and how with these steps.