Can you drink urine of pregnant woman?

Answer It is no more or less healthy than the urine of a non-pregnant woman.

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Is dog urine dangerous to a pregnant woman?

Just like with most pet urine it is a danger to pregnant women. It can be a danger to both the mother and the fetus. If the animal has any parasites or infections humans can contract that said para... Read More »

Is cat urine dangerous to a pregnant woman?

Recent studies have shown that a pregnant woman breathing the ammonia fumes in cat urine can affect the development of the growing baby.

Is it ok for a pregnant woman to drink Ensure?

you can but due to the high chemical content i would have concerns about the impact on your baby. i recomend onesource optimal nutrition as a supplemental beverage to my pregnant patients. it also ... Read More »

Can a woman have one alcoholic drink when pregnant?

On One Hand: Abstinence is BestIn the U.S., the party line on medical advice about alcohol and pregnancy is simple: pregnant women should abstain entirely from alcohol during the entirety of their ... Read More »