Can you drink the water in Cuba?

Answer While some consider tap water in Havana, Cuba, safe to drink, others do not, so it is advised that you drink bottled water, which is easy to find, wherever in Cuba you travel.Source:USA Cuba Travel... Read More »

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Which major bodies of water surround Cuba?

The island nation of Cuba is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. On the north side of the island, the portion of the Caribbean Sea that separates Cuba from Florida is known as the Straits of Florida. ... Read More »

I drink a lot of soda, iknow the acid is bad for me, if i drink water. Will it flush out thr acids?

Soft drinks cause dehydration. Dehydration turns the body acidic. An acidic environment is conducive to developing health problems.Without water nothing lives. There is no substitute for water. Wat... Read More »

How many cups of water are you supposed to drink and do you actually drink that much?

8 glasses of water. Each glass should be 8 ounces. So 64 ounces of water a day... and yes I get my daily amount. Remember water is in soda, juice drinks, and Gatorade type drinks. So those DO c... Read More »

Do you drink tap water, filtered tap water, or bottled water?

Tap water, the quality is very high in the UK.