Can you drink pop with braces?

Answer you're not supposed to, but you can.

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What can I eat& drink with braces?

On One Hand: Keep a Standard DietEating with braces does not mean having to considerably alter your diet. Orthodontists do suggest softer fare and avoiding most foods with sugar. Most meats, fruits... Read More »

Can you drink beer with braces?

On One Hand: Acid and Sugar Can Damage TeethThe high acid and sugar content in beer could do a lot of damage to your teeth if you drink beer regularly. Much like the acidity in a soft drink, the ac... Read More »

What can you eat&drink with braces?

On One Hand: Foods to AvoidHard foods should always be avoided when wearing braces because such foods can damage the braces and extend the time you have to wear them. Food such as raw carrots, crun... Read More »

Can I drink fizzy juice with braces:)?

yeah you can drink most things including irn bru but dont forget no caramel, fudges and sweets.