Can you drink milk after the expiration date?

Answer Yes you can drink milk past the expiration date as long as it is not "spoiled." You'll have to check, by smell, every time you drink from it to ensure that it is not spoiled. If it smells bad (sou... Read More »

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What happens if you drink Monster energy drink past its expiration date ?

It may not be as good as when you buy it....

How long can you keep milk past the expiration date?

If your milk has an expiration date instead of a "sell by" date, just to be safe, it should be discarded on that date. If you are going by the sell by date, your milk should stay fresh for an addit... Read More »

Is soy milk still good after the expiration date if left unopened?

You should not consume any product after its "best by" date has expired, according to Pearl Soy Milk. Drinking an opened dairy product after an expiration date can be dangerous because the product ... Read More »

Is it safe to drink Ensure after the expiration date?