Can you drink matcha green tea while pregnant?

Answer It honestly depends on whether you want caffeine in your diet or not. All blends HAVE caffeine. Matcha Green Tea actually contains 1/2 the caffeine of a cup of coffee. The other effects of green ... Read More »

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Does the starbucks iced green tea lemonade contain matcha?

The Starbucks green tea is made with Tazo tea, not matcha powder. The two are very different things. It is a brewed tea.The Green Tea Frappuccino is made with matcha powder and is not a brewed drin... Read More »

What if you drink while you are pregnant?

don't try can lead to birth defects and mental retardation, also i would recommend to stay away from the drugs too. AnswerFetal alcohol syndrome refers to mental, growth and physical proble... Read More »

Can I drink chai tea while pregnant?

On One Hand: Chai Tea Contains CaffeineAlthough Chai tea does not contain a high amount of caffeine, consumption of caffeine in general during pregnancy is considered to be unsafe, according to the... Read More »

Can you drink vitality while pregnant?

I have just contacted Müller Dairy (uk) Customer Relations Department as I am currently pregnant myself. They have assured me that they are perfectly safe to drink whilst pregnant as long as it is... Read More »