Can you drink decaf during your fast?

Answer it depends on what kind of fast you are onif you are on a bread and water fast, then no because its not bread or water!

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How many cups of decaf coffee can I drink per day?

There is a little of this harmless addictive effect in coffee and that is why you are feeling this way. However, i recommend that you drink a cup of coffee everyday and at most 2 because too much c... Read More »

Is it safe to drink decaf tea during pregnancy?

Yes, decaffeinated teas and even decaf coffee are safe to drink. Caffeinated teas are even safe to drink during pregnancy, in moderation. The amount of caffeine in a typical cup of tea is much les... Read More »

Is decaf coffee safe to drink in pregnancy?

"Decaf Coffee does have caffeine. However, caffeine in moderation is ok during pregnancy. Decaf Coffee in moderation would be safe during pregnancy."

14 hour fast prior to blood work. How much water can one drink during the 14 hour fast?

As much water as it takes to quench your hunger pangs! :D