Can you drink chai tea when pregnant?

Answer Yes.

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Can I drink chai tea while pregnant?

On One Hand: Chai Tea Contains CaffeineAlthough Chai tea does not contain a high amount of caffeine, consumption of caffeine in general during pregnancy is considered to be unsafe, according to the... Read More »

Is it safe to drink chai tea latte while pregnant?

On One Hand: Caffeine Can Impact The Fetus NegativelyAccording to the Mayo Clinic, a mother's caffeine use can increase the heart rate of the fetus and could lead to a lower birth weight. Caffeine ... Read More »

What color is your pee when you're pregnant and should you not drink soda when you're pregnant?

Answer Your pee is the same color it always is, at least mine was. And soda is not really recommended when you're pregnant because of the sugar (which could raise your change for gestational diabe... Read More »

Can you drink catnip tea when pregnant?

I have been told that catnip can work as an abortificant. For a healthy pregnancy, try red raspberry and nettle tea instead (not the stinging nettles, though).