Can you drink alcoholic beverages while taking Effexor?

Answer On One Hand: Do Not Mix Alcohol and EffexorYou should never drink alcohol while taking an antidepressant like Effexor, according to the Mayo Clinic. Alcohol could negate the effects of Effexor and ... Read More »

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Can you drink alcoholic beverages while taking an antibiotic?

Why do people drink alcoholic beverages?

Okay, I don't understand why people are saying "to look cool" or "to get drunk". I mean yeah, obviously if you drink too much alcohol you will get drunk, but you normally try not to drink so much y... Read More »

Is it ok to drink non-alcoholic wine while pregnant?

Yes. Just make sure it is NONE acoholic and not just low alcohol.The problem is the alcohol itself and not the wine. The alcohol affects the blood flow through the placenta which is the way the foe... Read More »

What is your favorite non alcoholic drink, while at a party?

I usually always have alcohol at a party but the odd time i would have Orange or Coke with ice