Can you drink alcohol with anti-bioticum?

Answer On One Hand: Drug EffectivenessDifferent antibiotics (anti-bioticum in some parts of the world) will react differently when mixed with alcohol, but according to Dr. James M. Steckelberg, an interni... Read More »

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Can you drink alcohol on any anti biotics?

It will say on the packet if you cant drink, but my daughter was on these for acne and she drank at the weekend with no side effects.

Can i drink alcohol while taking anti biotics?

You can do what ever you like whilst your on medication, but you'll be wasting your time & your doctor's time. For the sake of a few days you might as well try and get better, & then go boozing!!!

Can you drink alcohol with LDN?

On One Hand: Pleasure-Blocking PropertiesNalterxone blocks the effects of narcotics and is sometimes used to block the effects of alcohol dependency. Nalterxone thwarts the sensory receptors that s... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol with a uti?

On One Hand: Alcohol Increases UrinationDrinking alcoholic beverages causes you to urinate more frequently. On the surface, this may seem to be a boon when it comes to getting rid of a urinary trac... Read More »