Can you drink alcohol while taking Flucloxacillin?

Answer On One Hand: A Moderate Amount of Alcohol is Usually OKAccording to the Center for Disease Control, social drinking--meaning fewer than two drinks per day--should not cause side effects when taking... Read More »

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Can I drink alcohol while taking Cold FX?

On One Hand: Ginseng WarningsCold FX is an herbal remedy that uses ginseng as its main ingredient. It is intended to boost the immune system. The National Institutes of Health warns that taking gin... Read More »

Can i drink alcohol if i am taking tramadol?

On One Hand: Alcohol Increases Risks of Side EffectsConsuming alcoholic beverages while taking tramadol increases your risk of certain side effects of the medication. Tramadol and alcohol are both ... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol when you are taking docycycline?

On One Hand: No Listed InteractionPfizer, the makers of doxycycline, does not list alcohol as a potential for drug interaction. The Mayo Clinic also does not list doxycycline and alcohol as adverse... Read More »

Can I drink alcohol when I'm taking an antidepressant?

On One Hand: Increases RisksAlcohol consumption alongside antidepressants can be dangerous. Alcohol is a depressant and can cause your mood to change instantly, counteracting with the medication. T... Read More »