Can you drink alcohol the night before getting general anesthesia?

Answer On One Hand: Generally DiscouragedDrinking alcohol the night before getting general anesthesia is generally discouraged. Drinking the night before means the alcohol will remain in your system the n... Read More »

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Can you drink alcohol before a colonoscopy?

On One Hand: Colonoscopy PreparationAccording to the Cleveland Clinic, preparation for a colonoscopy begins five days prior to the procedure. It recommends a variety of different dietary preparatio... Read More »

How is it bad to drink alcohol before your 21?

It's dangerous and gets you a jumpstart on killing your liver

How to Drink Alcohol Without Getting Sick?

Drinking alcohol at a party or a bar may have caused you to get sick in the past. These experiences can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and may even keep you from drinking alcohol in the future. You... Read More »

How much alcohol can you drink without getting drunk?

If its budlight... I kan drink a 12 pack without getn drunk! At least I used to b able to, lol, haven't ben drinking here lately.