Can you drink alcohol during the induction diet?

Answer On One Hand: No Alcohol During Initial InductionThe first phase of Dr. Atkins' original restricted-carbohydrate diet plan is called induction. According to the official book and website, during the... Read More »

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Do you agree that many on vegetarian diet prefer not to drink alcohol?

in my country and neighboring countries ppl eat fatty, meatty stuff..and drink hard core fruit brandies..lolAnd that makes me, an almost vegetarian( I know it sounds stupid, but I rarely eat meat, ... Read More »

What Alcohol Did Soldiers Drink During WWI?

During WWI, British soldiers were rationed two ounces of rum or a pint of porter daily. Germans received a pint of beer, half a pint of wine and a quarter pint of spirits. Canadians got shipments o... Read More »

Can FBI agents drink alcohol during off hours?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) does not prohibit agents from consuming alcohol during off hours. However, the FBI enforces a strict Employment Drug Policy, which forbids the use of illeg... Read More »

How to Snack During the Induction Phase of Atkins?

Snacking will help you to fight fatigue, cravings and overeating at mealtimes. In the Induction phase of Atkins, you should eat one midmorning and one midafternoon snack. Snacks should contain both... Read More »