Can you drink alcohol after an ulcer has healed?

Answer On One Hand: In Small AmountsAfter an ulcer is healed, it is probably fine to ingest small amounts of alcohol as long as it's not very frequent. However, the amount of alcohol that is acceptable fo... Read More »

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Can you drink alcohol after taking the morning after pill?

Drinking alcohol will not diminish the effectiveness of the "morning after pill," which means it is safe to consume alcohol after taking the pill. However, you should still exercise the usual cauti... Read More »

Can i drink alcohol after an appendectomy?

On One Hand: Yes, You CanYou can drink alcohol after an appendectomy. The appendix is a vestigial organ, meaning it does not have a known physical function. Its removal will not affect your body's ... Read More »

Can i drink alcohol after pepsi?

Can I drink alcohol after a splenectomy?

On One Hand: Immediately After SurgeryYou should not drink alcohol immediately after a splenectomy, according to Lake Norman Surgical Associates. The time frame is 24 hours. You will still be under... Read More »