Can you drain a washing machine or dishwasher into an inside soil stack?

Answer Yes, as long as it isn't a dry VENT stack

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Does the kitchen sink drain into a washing machine drain pipe?

On One Hand: Washing Machine Drains Are Large EnoughThe washing machine drains water into an open plumbing drain that empties into the main house drain and eventually into the sewer. The drain pipe... Read More »

What to Do If a Washing Machine Will Not Drain?

A washing machine that won't drain is a frustrating ordeal, especially if you know little about how the machine works. It generally requires time and patience to manually dispose of the water insid... Read More »

Do you need a trap for the drain of a washing machine?

On One Hand: No Trap NeededIf your washer is located in the basement of your home and drains into a sump or lift station which mechanically pumps the waste water up into the gravity drain system of... Read More »

How to Plumb a Washing Machine Drain?

Washing machine drain lines are often simply draped over the edge of a utility sink, where they empty into the sink's drain. But this practice is not approved by some building codes, and the machi... Read More »