Can you download the android market?

Answer I dont think you can as i have a new android phone and i cant get it to download. i think you have to buy it! RIP OFF!LOL

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How to Download Android Market on the HTC?

HTC makes several phones that use the Android operating system. All Android users can download apps from the Android Market. Apps in the Market are arranged as "Featured," "Best Selling," "Top Free... Read More »

How do you download an app in the android market if it keeps saying uncesseful?

sleep mode is state of phone. You can go to sleep mode by fast pushing power button. the screen will go off and phone will be in sleep mode. Phone also go to sleep mode when idle for a longer time.

How do you download apps off of android market?

I work for ATT and you must leave the data plan. IF you deleted the data plan, the phone will not work. Hope this helps

Can you download android market onto a blackberry?