Can you download music for your ipod nano using LimeWire?

Answer Answer Yes you can. After you download the music just hit explore and send it to itunes and it will apear on your itun music list.

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Can you download music onto an iPod Nano using Windows XP without iPod software?

You need to have itunes installed. If you do not have the install disk you can download it from You can also make it a Linux device and would no longer need itunes, but you will not be ab... Read More »

Can you download music on ipod nano using windows XP?

yes, you can i just got one, and we have windows xp, you have to go to the apple website and download itunes 7.4 or 7.5 once you downloaded and installed it it should work

How can I download music onto my iPod Nano without using iTunes?

All you have to do is plug your IPOD into the computer and copy and paste your songs that you have like from LIMEWIRE or wherever you download your music from. Or drag and drop. Put your music into... Read More »

Is it illegal to use Limewire to download music to put on your mp3 player or ipod?

Answer Yes downloading copyrighted music is generally considered illegial because it is being 'distributed' Answer In Canada it's not illegal. Answer Using softwares like Limewire to download so... Read More »