Can you download mp3 songs to an iPod?

Answer Contrary to popular belief, Ipods are not actually Mp3 players, in fact they are actually Mp4 players. Although these file types may sound similar, they are very different. Mp3 and Mp4 are both com... Read More »

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How can you download songs on a different computer to your ipod without erasing the songs you already have?

Do u hav 2 pay 2 download songs on ur IPOD?

No, you can transfer files that you have already saved from your pc. If you download songs from free sites you cam upload them to your pc. Or you can upload songs from a cd and transfer them to y... Read More »

How do you download songs on an iPod ?

Simply download a music torrent and steal all the songs there. Or you could buy them at the iTunes store

Can you download we7 songs onto your ipod? provides a music streaming service; the songs are not downloadable. To download and use the song on an iPod you need to click the Buy button and pay to own a copy of the song for your own use.