Can you download apps on to a htc wildfire?

Answer To cut to the chase, yes.explaination on how to:

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Can you download apps for htc wildfire?

Yeah course I have a htc wilfire myself you buy and download apps from the Android Market and belive me there is a huge variety .

How many apps can you download at once with an iPad 2 running IOs 5 In other words if you were to start downloading 5 apps would they all download at once or alone?

One would download fast, then a next, then a next, and it keeps going for how many apps you download.

How do you get apps on htc wildfire?

You can download paid or free apps from the android market. I think the easiest way of doing this it to first get an active data connection or connect to a wifi point. Then access the market app fr... Read More »

What apps can you get on the htc wildfire?

You can download Doodle Jump from Android Market. But if you don't want to pay you can download a bad knockoff from the Internet, just search "Doodle Jump for Android"