Can you download Microsoft Word/Powerpoint/Excel online for free?

Answer You can download a 30-day trial of Office 2010:…There is also a beta for Office 2013, though you are expected to tell the programmers how the programs are ... Read More »

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Where can you go to download the new Microsoft word for free?…   Of course, it's only the trial version.  You have to buy it if you want to use it beyond the trial period.  If you're looking for a free office suit... Read More »

Is there a free Microsoft Works download?

Since it is copyrighted software, you will not find a legal place to download it, in general. If you are a student, sometimes schools have special deals with Microsoft where you can download some ... Read More »

How to download Microsoft word pad for free?

Well, wordpad comes with windows, so you should already have it if you have windows. If you've uninstalled it somehow, you can probably use your windows cd to do a repair on windows and that may r... Read More »

Do I need to pay for Microsoft Word, or can I download it for free?

Get OpenofficeIt is free and works with Microsoft Word documents and Excel adn more...