Can you download LimeWire without having to download Java?

Answer You can download LimeWire without downloading Java, but you will not be able to run the program unless you have the Java 6 JVM installed. LimeWire is written in Java, and programs written in Java r... Read More »

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How do you take music from LimeWire and put it directly onto an ipod or mp3 player without having to download some other program or do you have to download something answers please?

All I use is iTunes and Limewire.I just download the music on limewire and drap and drop it into iTunes then sync my ipod.Hope I helped :D

How to Download YouTube Videos without any software and without java?

>> You can download Youtube videos WITHOUT any software or java only by installing Youtube Downloader Add-On for your Browser.Easy YouTube Video Downloader :: Add-ons for Firefox-https://addons.moz... Read More »

How to Download Music from Limewire Without iTunes?

This article will tell you how to download music using Limewire. .

Where can you download free videos to ipod without using youtube, google video, or limewire?

download Ares Tube.All you do is type in the site with the video, (Youtue google video) And all you do is press Add and it downloads and automatically adds it to your itunes library