Can you do hard sex when in labor?

Answer Answer I wouldn't. Such a thing could distress or injure the baby.

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What Type of Hard Labor Jobs Do Immigrants Do?

In the United States, particularly in California, New York, Texas and Arizona, much of the hard, unskilled labors jobs are done by first-generation immigrants, including legal and illegal immigrant... Read More »

How can you be 5cm dilated and 50 effaced with some contractions but not be in hard labor?

Answer alot of it depends of if this is your first of multiple pregnancy. has the baby dropped down in the birth canal or not. the baby could not be head first and could be laying sideways. there ... Read More »

How much sex do you need to start labor im 38 weeks and my belly is as hard as a rock please help.?

What are the signs of impending child birth and hard labor?

First contractions start, then the frequency increases. Your water breaks, followed by the urge to push. This may last some time before the final process called "crowning" the the child's head has ... Read More »