Can you do anything else while defragmenting is progressing?

Answer You could but I recommend that you boot up in safe mode and then do your defrag from there. Defrag can not defrag application that are in memory. That is booting in safemode will not start startu... Read More »

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BFP's!!!!.....progressing ok (pic inc)?

OMG! Congratulations! That is a very very definate dark line! Don't think it could be more positive!I am so happy for you! I know how much you want this baby and tried so hard and am so thrilled fo... Read More »

How is the am I pregnant contest progressing?

Me? 0-0 I'm hoping next year I have better luck. I'm going to keep practicing.

I'm teaching myself piano, am I progressing well so far?

Why don't you put a clip of your playing online so we can judge it for ourselves? I'm sure you sound wonderful! :)

Will a breech baby halt labor from progressing?

Answer Maybe. The baby's head pushing against the cervix is what helps it dilate.