Can you do anything about a Child that ran away to grandmothers?

Answer Because you love them but dont have the money to support you.

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Can a relative of a child take away legal guardianship of that child from the other relative if the child is in no harm and being cared for?

Answer yes, if that relative is the mother or father of the child, or the quardian is determined to be unfit to serve.

Do you know anything that helps pink eye to go away Please help?

Pink eye in the broad sense, can be caused by mechanical, viral or bacterial means at least. If it is mechanical, you just have to remove the cause. If your red eye is viral, it will go away on i... Read More »

Is there anything that takes away pain from shingles?

Shingles (herpes zoster) happens when the varicella-zoster virus (VZV, the virus that causes chicken pox) becomes active in the body again. There are a number of treatments available to help take a... Read More »

How to get to sleep right away without having to take anything or go anywhere or do anything?

i dont think youll be able to get to sleep right away, but id say, try to daydream and reimagine your day and how you would have done it defferently and eventually youll just fall asleep