Can you do any character things on your keyboard?


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What keyboard character is used the most?

On my machine I would say the following (e, a, o, k, s, d, c, h, the direction keys, backspace, enter, and space). I say those keys as they are the only ones on my keyboard that are faded. The gl... Read More »

How do you make a keyboard come up on your monitor without using a keyboard to do it?

Start > Programs > Accessories > Accessability > On-Screen keyboard

Name things poll: can you give names to 3 things on your desk?

Ms Candi (with an "i") - my old candy wrapper.Mr Fluffy - a dust ball hiding under my keypadMr Final Notice - The angry letter from the phone company.

Your little sister keeps stealing your things and your parents dont care and they wont let you get a lock on your door please help what should you do?

well I would tell your parents to make a plan to ketch her in the act