Can you do an enema while you have a bladder infection?

Answer My first response is that there is no problem taking an enema while you have a UTI.I'm assuming the enema for for a bout with constipation. Let me add that if you are running a fever with the UTI,... Read More »

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Can i have bladder infection without wbc in urine?

On One Hand: No WBCs, Probably No Infection50 to 70 percent of your white blood cells (WBCs) are neutrophils, first-line defenders that home in fast on germs that invade your tissues, notes Jacquel... Read More »

What's the worst that can happen if you have sex with a bladder infection?

I recently had sex with a UTI, and although I have heard you're not supposed to, nothing happened to me. I was on my first day of antibiotics when we did it. As long as you pee before and after, an... Read More »

Aching in the bladder area, I dont have an infection so what could it be?

May be a Urinary Tract Infection coming on.

I'm going to the doctor because I think I have a bladder infection... Please help!!!?

Maybe tell him about the periods or if anyone is with you then tell that person..